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The Oui Meet Story

One night, while Alicia, founder, and CEO of Oui’ Meet was at dinner with a girlfriend, the two shared stories of being single and dating in LA. They laughed over the shared horror stories and lamented about using all of the current dating apps, which only resulted in swiping while bored and sending endless messages with very few dates.


Alicia told her friend how great it would be to meet a potential date at that moment, while they were already out and feeling sexy, but not have that potential date hit on them with sleazy pickup lines. That conversation spawned the idea for Oui, Meet–a dating app where people can search the profiles of users in nearby locations and send them real-time meet requests. Just as development and production began on the app, the country experienced the first shut down as the COVID 19 pandemic swept the nation.

With everything shutting down, Alicia had to think of a way to keep Oui, Meet relevant and that is when she came up with the idea of adding a virtual speed dating component so daters could meet new people from the comfort of their own homes.


With Oui, Meet, Alicia hopes to help people stop swiping and start dating. By making the swipe function a smaller component of the app; Oui, Meet places the focus on people meeting people and going on dates. As the app grows, we plan to partner with businesses and have them offer Oui, Meet daters special deals for having their dates at their establishments. We also plan to add a monthly date night box (so couples and other non-singles can join) and have live Oui, Meet speed dating events. Oui, Meet plans on making meeting new people and finding love to the next level.